Top tips to get you ready for a day at the waterpark

Indoors or outdoors, make sure you’ve got spray on sunscreen available. Kids seem to enjoy putting this on themselves, which makes for less headaches and you can actually get your own back when they’ve run off before you can ask for help!

Time and Tickets
This allows you to plan your day and budget for your trip. It’s best to arrive at the park early, this way you will have more time to enjoy the rides, and the lines will be shorter. You will also have a few hours to enjoy the attractions before mid-day when the sun is at its strongest. While water parks are great when it’s sunny, cloudy days will give you more protection from the sun. Ow wait!!!  Our park is indoors.

Have a Spot
Select one central spot where you’ll all meet up at designated times throughout the day. This allows the older kids to ride the thrill-seeking Aqua Vortex over and over…and over, while you enjoy the lazy river or spend time with the younger kids in the children’s pool.

Look for Lifeguards
For your own peace of mind, it’s always good to check for the available lifeguards in each pool area. Every once in a while there could be a shift change and it’s just great to know you’ve got your eyes on things.

Consider Swim Shoes
While we might find ourselves lazing on a beach chair with a good book for hours, kids have boundless energy that takes them in, out, up, down and all over the place. Swim shoes are a great option for protecting their feet from hot pavement or a little extra traction as they move so quickly.

Pack your things
Remember to bring sunblock if the park is outside, lip balm, money for tickets and snacks, towels, goggles, a padlock to secure your locker, and a change of clothes for the end of the day.

Stay Updated

With all our amenities and opportunities we are only just beginning with new expansions on the horizon and more to give we cannot wait for you to come to expect quality hospitality and new experiences each visit.

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