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Located directly between ottawa, toronto, montreal and 3 international bridges to the usa.

Nestled next to Prescott and the St. Lawrence River, Aquaworld will be the closest waterpark to many that will generate thousands of passing guests each month. Aquaworld is one of a kind being the only one that is not only open all year round, but is affordable and just a drive away.

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Cool features

Aquaworld has something for everyone. Visitors can enjoy a state-of-the-art indoor waterpark, a sports bar, several snack bars and a fully functional gym to name a few.

Fitness / Gym

With a full sized gym ready to fit all your exercise needs the gym is open to the public to lean into their health and fitness. Take control of your health and break a sweat before you lounge in our waterpark!

Golf Simulator

Try our cutting edge golf simulator. Our high-tech system enables you to practice golf indoors in a virtually simulated golf environment. The design mimics the real game, helping you improve your swing, understand your weaknesses, and have fun.


With our great restaurant and snack bars to choose from Aquaworld is ready for your friends, family and everyone else to come and join us for a bite!

Sports bar

Want to see a game thousands of miles away? Watch on our massive screens surrounded by your friends and fellow fans in our substantial sports bar. Come spend game night with us!

Stay Updated

Aquaworld has many top-notch amenities for our visitors to enjoy and this list continues to grow. We cannot wait for you to come and experience this world-class, family-friendly destination. Sign up today to receive updates on our new and exciting developments.

“We all need a place to getaway and find something separate from the daily grind, find an oasis just a short journey away from home that is designed for you and your family to enjoy. Aquaworld is ready to be your getaway.”

What People Say

Aquaworld will be centrally located to over 7 million residents and will appeal to a wide range of socio-demographic groups. The indoor waterpark at the centre of the project will be 100,000 square feet, the first resort of its kind within a 500 km radius. In subsequent phases we plan to build a modern hotel so our guests can unwind for days and weeks at a time! Have a look at what people have to say about our exciting development!

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With hundreds of full and part time jobs and an expected minimum of 800,000 visitors per year, our high traffic area and location will draw from almost 8 million residents between Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa, generating primary and secondary markets with partnership opportunities for several firms and suppliers in the National Capital and Eastern Ontario regions.

Stay in shape while traveling and being on vacation

With a full-sized gym ready to fit all your exercise needs the gym is open to the resort and public to lean into their health and fitness. Take control of your health and break a sweat before you lounge in our resort! 1. You will be ready when you get ...

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Top tips to get you ready for a day at the waterpark

Sunscreen Indoors or outdoors, make sure you’ve got spray on sunscreen available. Kids seem to enjoy putting this on themselves, which makes for less headaches and you can actually get your own back when they’ve run off before you can ask for help! Time ...

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New Water Park resort coming to Prescott

A new $115 million indoor water park resort which would include restaurants and snack bars, a convention centre and a 140-room hotel is proposed for the Prescott, Ontario area. The Merrickville developer says the AquaWorld resort would attract 800,000 ...

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Questions People Ask

Thank you for visiting our website. We expect that you will be excited to visit Aquaworld in the near future. We know that people have a lot of question and we hope you can find some of the answers below.


What is the best way to get to Aquaworld?

Aquaworld Resort is located in Prescott, Ontario between Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa. To get here, please CLICK HERE and use Google maps. We will be located at 1898 Merwin Lane Po.Box 932, Prescott, ON K0E 1T0.

Will there be any winter activities available?

Aquaworld Resort is a world class indoor, four-season waterpark that will be open to the public year-round.

Will new features be added often?

The sky's the limit for Aquaworld Resort and we have set a mandate to stay at the cutting edge of the indoor waterpark market. We are continuously searching for new ways to make our location more exciting and enjoyable. Subscribe to our newsletter to find out more about our exciting new developments.

How can I apply for a job at Aquaworld?

We will be accepting resumes and positions for full-time and part-time employment once we have established dates for our grand opening. Please join our newsletter to get informed on when this will be taking place.

Will you be offering family rates?

This will be one of the key features to our waterpark as we know families need a fun and financially sound reason to visit our park. We will be regularly changing and adapting new rates and promotions to entice people and families to visit Aquaworld Resort.

Can I subscribe for a membership at the waterpark/gym?

We will be rolling out a membership program for the general public once we identify the best options. Please join our mailing list to stay informed and get updates regularly.

Is the resort/staff child safe?

This will be a key feature to Aquaworld Resort. We understand that parents / guardians have busy lives and if they would like to leave their children with our childcare department, we would be more then happy to entertain them while you go off for a few hours to enjoy the waterpark. We will also be implementing a wristband / parental release program for added security.

Will the facilities be accessible?

People who require accessibility will love the free-flowing experience of out waterpark and we will do everything within our power to make sure every single visitor is treated with respect and a sense of care for their needs. We would like people with special needs to let us know before visiting so we can assure a safe and fun filled experience without disruptions.

How much parking will be available?

Aquaworld Resort will offer plenty of parking for our guests. Built on a nearly 260-acre plot of land, there will be more than enough parking for visitors. As new phases are constructed, parking will be Incorporated to suit the demand for each phase.

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